The Supplement System

Essential Beginnings has developed a three-phase product line. Pre-conception male and female supplements, a pre-natal female supplement and a post-natal female supplement for breast-feeding mothers. We have developed these physician formulated supplements to target dietary and environmental deficiencies specific to the bodily needs at these various phases of conception and child-rearing:

XX Pre-Conception For Her is a female pre-conception Physicians’ Formula supplement containing vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids in the proper doses and ratios for best absorption, and formulated to increase fertility health by providing for likely dietary deficiencies in these key nutrients.


XY Pre-Conception For Him is the male pre-conception supplement developed to increase sperm motility and enhanced sperm function in men. XY is a proprietary Physicians’ Formula of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and certified organic derivatives aimed at increasing sperm count and motility, reducing free-radicals and limiting the effects of environmental pollutants. This supplement includes appropriate amounts of L-carnitine and L-arginine found to boost sperm quality, the mineral selenium to maximize sperm motility, Certified Organic derivatives including Maca root, known to lead to hormonal balance and Astragalus, known to stimulate sperm production and improve sperm motility.


Z Pre-Natal is a maternal pre-natal supplement focused on bolstering a pregnant woman’s additional need for nutrients due to pregnancy demands, as well as diminish associations between dietary deficiencies and poor obstetric outcomes, such as pre-term rupture of membranes and pre-term delivery.


Z+ Breast Feeding is a post-natal supplement for women who are breast-feeding. This supplement boosts levels of vitamins and minerals and the additional nutritional requirements of the lactating woman. Key elements assist in providing essential micro nutrients to supplement a healthy diet, as well as restoring hormonal balance.







Both women (XX) and men (XY) should use ideally for 4 months before trying to conceive.


Once pregnant, women switch to the pre-natal formula. Males should continue to use XY for general health, especially if wanting to conceive again in the future.


Women should switch after childbirth, during breast-feeding for optimal maternal and infant health. If wanting to conceive again, go back to XX.