Need for Our Supplements

All over the world adults consume vitamins, minerals and supplements that hold value for overall health. However, most have a difficult time really knowing what ingredients are truly beneficial to their health, or ailment. Other than the standard fare of vitamins and minerals, consumers have very little knowledge of the scientific merit (or lack thereof) of the glut of herbal therapies, organic supplements, vitamins and minerals now flooding the U.S. market in retail pharmacies, supermarkets, health food stores, broadcast television and the Internet.

In the rapidly changing arena of nutritional supplements more and more mainstream physicians are interested in helping their patients achieve optimal nutritional replenishment focusing on specific deficiencies. It is these factors that have led to the need for a physician-developed formula that is endorsed by appropriate and well-respected clinical specialists to exist.

While there are hundreds of companies making and selling nutritional supplements, few acknowledged experts have entered the fertility-targeted nutritional supplement market. Hence, the birth of Essential Beginnings fertility-targeted nutritional supplement system developed by world-renowned physicians to deliver pre-conception, pre-natal and post-natal supplements targeting known nutritional deficiencies related to fertility and child bearing.

The scientific background for this rapidly emerging Nutritional Supplement market is the story of the use of nutritional supplements in cancer therapy. Currently, cancer patients are being prescribed significant doses of antioxidant vitamins to help to repair cells to health after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. A significant start in the general medical community is the realization that supplements can enhance medical treatment and the overall health of their patients. Skepticism is being replaced with sound medical evidence through clinical studies that targeting supplements in proper amounts to overcome deficiencies can positively enhance treatment results. In fact, the opposite is also true; there are many perfectly safe supplements that actually can cause harm to cells due to overloading and may result in adverse effects. A good example is Vitamin A. From a vegetable source, there is no risk of excess to the body, but animal sourcing of Vitamin A and overuse of this source can cause birth defects. Many physicians have little formal training as to the effects of supplements and therefore have little or no input into the decision-making process for their own patients interested in the health benefits of supplements.

Typically a pregnant woman would think they should take a one-a-day supplement of some sort, but which one? This leads to discussion with peers, research on the internet, blogs and discussion sites. But where are the experts and what do supplements really do for fertility?

Until recently there was little nutritional study or research into questions such as:

  • What makes sperm have more mobility?
  • What factors have the potential to improve the quality of human eggs prior to ovulation?
  • What do pollutants do to eggs and sperm?
  • Can supplements protect prospective parents from the effects of toxins and environmental pollutants?

We know there are biological cells that inherently require essential antioxidant nutrients because they are cells that are dividing and replicating their DNA. Rapidly dividing cells have critical energy needs and radical oxygen species are potentially toxic by-products of these cellular processes. It is essential that these cells have adequate antioxidant molecules to protect their DNA from damage by free oxygen radicals. This applies to the very core of the science behind healthy reproductive tissues, eggs and sperm.

While all dividing tissues have the need for antioxidants, some biologic cells and tissues that critically have this need include sperm cells, egg cells, early embryos and of course, developing fetuses in-utero, as well as nursing infants. Pollutants and carcinogens in our environment may contribute to higher risks of DNA damage in these cells, hence the need for even more protection in our modern environment.

Essential Beginnings has used sound medical evidence and scientific research focused on fertility, pre-natal and post-natal care to develop a line of supplements that targets the specific needs of couples pursuing child birth and child rearing. Our products are developed by World-renowned experts in Reproductive Endocrinology, Urology and nutrition, based on sound medical evidence and timely research. We use the strictest measures for production and the highest quality ingredients. We employ rigorous control standards to ensure purity and product accuracy. Our manufacturing facility is FDA certified for supplements and all products are tested regularly for purity and organic certification. The facility is also regularly inspected to conform with FDA regulations.